Essential Guide to Maintaining a Heathy Onsite Waste Water Management System

Please remember this is a living system and the below will affect the quality of effluent being discharged.

To ensure your system is healthy please refrain from the following:

  • Using power balls, laundry whiteners or fabric softeners
  • Using dishwasher and washing machine cleaners (products intended to clean the main machinery) • Attaching “clean water” sources such as sump pumps to the system

To increase longevity of your system, do not:

  • Put greases, fats and oils down any drains
  • Attach a garbage disposal to your sink
  • Let water run while washing dishes or thawing frozen food
  • Run half loads in the dishwasher/washing machine
  • Do multiple loads using the washing machine/dishwasher in one day

Do not do by any means:

  • Dispose of paints or household chemicals in the drain (disinfectant can only be used in small amounts)
  • Dispose of automobile fluids down the drain
  • Rinse pesticides, or any toxins down the drain
  • Dispose of any non biodegradable items in your toilet e.g. baby wipes or any other flushable wipe on the market, feminine products, condoms etc.

If you have any queries please contact our servicing team. Remember, your wastewater system is a living system that requires ongoing servicing and maintenance. Please ensure it is serviced every 4 months (depending on your consent). If your system is alarming it is important to contact us immediately.